For Girls About to Rock, I Salute You!


 (Drag Trooper)

Here’s something not to be missed: A new documentary called Girls Rock, to be released in San Francisco over the weekend of the birthday of yours truly! Check out their website here:

Of course, come to think of it I will most likely miss this thing not to be missed because I won’t have childcare and the baby still needs to nurse every ten minutes. But I am already looking forward to Netflixing this one and doing a bit of rocking out of my own in the, ahem, rocking chair.

I’m already drawn to this awesome-looking doc because it taps into my musically-challenged inner geek’s need to pretend to be a wicked cool rock ‘n’ roll star, something that will tragically never happen. The film follows the experiences of a few girls at rock and roll camp and it’s billed as a real look at real girls, who just want to play music and be themselves. No sexing up, tarting up, grinding, thrusting, stereotyping, or pigeonholing here. Just pure musical goodness and good ol’ self-esteem building fun.

I’m excited about checking out a movie where performing girls are presented not as preening beauty queens or Britney Spears wannabes. As a mommy of two daughters I try hard to walk the line between teaching my girls old fashioned Southern lady manners, and teaching them to be strong and fierce and to not be afraid to kick ass at anything any boy can do.

It’s the whole nature v. nurture/ difference feminism v. equality feminism thing that I can’t begin to resolve in this little paragraph or anywhere else in my parenting. But I do try to strike a balance. To let them explore what it means to be traditionally feminine yet remain strong-willed and solid. In one sense we’ve come a long way baby…reference the latest Clinton campaign. Yet in another sense we’ve still got a long way to go….reference the many times the pundits zero in on Clinton’s emotions, stamina, wardrobe, makeup, alleged-bitchiness-for-acting-the-same-way-that-men-do-all-the-time.

Maybe rock and roll camp helps to bridge that gap for girls. I like to imagine that it helps them to feel powerful because of their XX chromosomes and not in spite of them. I look forward to seeing the movie and finding out. If you are like me and child constraints prevent escape from the house to see the movie, at least visit the website to check out the little girl channeling Joan Jett. Hats off to you, little sister!

P.S. Maybe I’m just a wee bit lacto-hormonal these days, but the trailer made me cry!



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