Kindergarten Kalm Down

In keeping with my Klever titles, I had to go with another K. Sorry.

But I have calmed down immensely in the past week, and this story does have a happy ending for our family. In a nutshell, it turns out that the educational placement office screwed up about 10 families in my zip code, sending all of us to that sadly freaky school (which I’ll get to in a minute) instead of a school we chose that actually had spots for us.

My husband went down to the center twice and politely raised a ruckus and (guess what?!) we were re-assigned to a school on our list!!!! Jeff had to go back to work, but he stopped by our daughter’s preschool, which is on the university campus where he teaches, and stuffed the paperwork into her cubby. I was terrified that she was going to pull it out and color on it. Those tree scraps are like gold…actually more valuable than gold because they are irreplaceable.

So, anyway, I snatched up the papers and burned more gas than our hybrid should allow as I burned over several steep San Francisco hills to register my daughter at her new school.

Our kindergarten now has these qualities:

  • True diversity (the pie chart reflects our city demographics in terms of race, family structure, SES, etc.)
  • A great schools rating of 5 (not the best, but I know the story…and I’m not concerned.)
  • Test scores constantly improving.
  • An amazing community of involved families who love the school.
  • A tough but caring principal who sat with me in her office to chat before giving me a personal tour of the school!

This is in comparison to our original school. We went on the tour, hoping to be pleasantly surprised. The principal did not come out of his office. The woman who gave the tour was awesome but she was not a parent. She worked there and she sends her kids to another school. And she said (very kindly and politely) that many families would not welcome the gentrification-type infusion of folks like us.

And Jeff saw a kid peeing on the playground. The teachers did not.

I’m thrilled that it worked out for us, but I am still sad for all my friends who are having to endure the dreaded Round Two. This system is a mess.


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