1st Day of Kindergarten

Yea, we're kickin' it K-styel

Yea, we're kickin' it K-style

A mish-mash of kindergarten thoughts:
–I am oddly calm. This is what my college girlfriends call my (said in sassy lady voice) “Shut Down Mode.”

–Yesterday at the playground I overheard the following dialogue. Grace: “I’m going to kindergarten tomorrow!” Some Dolt of A Dad: “But all the kindergartens don’t start for another week. You must be going to a special kindergarten.” Yea, you elitist, insular, myopic moron. Our special kindergarten is called public school. All the PRIVATE kindergartens don’t start for another week. Our special school also doesn’t get a week off in the spring for Ski Week. Oh, and by the way, feel free to be an entitled jerk to me but please don’t make my daughter feel weird for having parents who work for a living.

–Damn, that sweet little school starts early!

–I really already adore Grace’s darling teacher. He sent us clinging parents out of the room and focused entirely on the children.

–Grace looked so big and yet so little at the same time when we said good-bye.

–I know it is a cliche but I can’t believe my baby is now in kindergarten! She’s just a baby!

–Okay, now I’m no longer so oddly calm.