Thank You, Mr. Internet!

It’s Thanksgiving time and everyone’s busy slogging out blogs about what they’re thankful for. So I will too! But I’d like to offer a high-tech twist.

Even while the neo-luddite part of me often fears that my computer will someday become sentient and take over like the evil one in Electric Dreams, I am still very thankful for the Internet. Here are some reasons why:

1. Saves paper when finding a new recipe for banana bread, instructions for making a homemade volcano, or tips for repairing a busted tricycle.

2. Online shopping. (No further explanation needed.)

3. I can entertain the kids in an airport, the emergency room, or the backseat of the car with LOLCATS or YouTube videos pulled up on the iPhone.

4. Keeping in touch with old friends and family without letters and snail mail (back to the saving paper issue) is quite lovely.

5. Self promotion, networking, marketing, etc. I can honestly say that my writing career would have progressed much more slowly without the benefit this here electronic box that magically connects me to the world.

6. Working from home allows me to earn income for my family while still actually spending time with my kids. For this, I love the Internet more than anything.

7. Weird stuff like this!


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