New Year’s Mama-Rama – What I WON’T Do in 2009

Here is the obligatory New Year’s resolution list, with a tiny twist. Rather than whine about those last 5 pounds of “baby weight” (yea, right) or buy some crap gym membership that I drop in two weeks or even wax poetic about being a better mama, here are a few things that I won’t do…

I won’t feel guilty for feeding my kids frozen veggies instead of fresh, or pre-made spaghetti sauce instead of homemade. Around here in San Francisco it’s easy to get sucked into the (admittedly delicious) cult of food obsession. I have friends who gleefully grind their own applesauce from fresh produce plucked weekly from the organic farmers market. Alas, I barely have time to make it to Trader Joe’s and pluck a jar of the stuff off the shelves. But at least my kids aren’t eating McDonalds every day.

I won’t covet. As a recovering covet-er (or whatever you call it) I’ve been doing pretty well on this one in 2008, so I just need to keep it up. I can tell that I’m pretty durn happy with my own life because when I hear about all my old friends’ successes and adventures on Facebook, I feel genuinely thrilled for them, rather than jealous. I love my life and I’m happy when others love their lives.

I won’t worry about what I can’t control. We’re in a housing crisis situation and it’s very scary. I could create a whole other blog about this issue (and I will soon write extensively about it once the dust settles), but to summarize: our landlords are selling our house and trying to bully us out before we have alternative shelter. It is incredible to realize that a family with two educated professional parents (one with a freaking Ph.D!) could easily become homeless if we didn’t have our wits about us. But I’m taking it one day at a time and I’m trusting that my family will land in the home that’s right for us.

I won’t forget to say my prayers, be thankful for my blessings, and kiss my rosy-cheeked babies each night before tucking them into bed.


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