Good Bye Noe Valley!

Our family had to leave the old house. Our landlords intended to sell the place and we had a couple of choices: take advantage of San Francisco tenant law and dig in our heels to endure a tedious eviction process under the new owner; or cut a deal with the current slumlords (oops I mean landlords).

Rather than force our family to endure any more negative vibes from the hostile property owners, we finally opted to take the money and run.

It all worked out for the best: a beautiful house backing up to Stern Grove, more room to grow and play, and best of all, home ownership! Only one glaring exception: we had to leave beautiful Noe Valley, a lovely, convenient, charming neighborhood that was our home for the past six years.

Many other families love Noe Valley just as much as we do. Its growing popularity drove prices up so high that our family could no longer afford even to rent anything of decent quality that we could turn around in. Much less buy.

But I will miss so much about our sweet little village in the middle of San Francisco:

The Saturday morning farmers market with blue grass music and honey sticks for the kids.

Upper Noe Playground and Noe Courts, even before the makeovers.

Holy Bagel, which gives out free bagels for babies.

The kind (and cute) firefighters at Station 11 on 26th street who always entertained my brood.

The fascinating dynamics of the tight nanny cabal that rules the above-mentioned playgrounds.

Carolyn the children’s librarian at the Noe Valley Branch Library.

Saturday morning stroller rush hour on 24th Street when everyone comes out for shopping and coffee.

Catching the J-Church train in front of Lovejoys Tea Room.

I’ll even miss getting riled up by the bizarre love-hate thing with kids in Noe Valley. Noe is teeming with offspring, so obviously many people in the hood like kids. But there is a small, vocal group of haters who seem to think that diversity in all its forms is great as long as that diversity only includes childless hipsters.

I’ll miss the $1,000 stroller gridlock whined about by above-mentioned haters.

I’ll miss the cheese store, the hardware store, the chocolate store, the funky pajama store, and all the other unique local businesses that have hung on for years. Thank you for six great years, Noe Valley! I’ll visit often but it won’t be the same.


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