New Year, Oh Dear

Forgive me for being more clichéd than a Robin Williams movie, but I write this at 9am on New Year’s Day. Sure, I have kids, but I also enjoyed the glass or three of cheap Trader Joe’s prosecco last night at our kid-friendly-freak-out-on-Irish-time-Michael-Jackson-Justin-Timberlake Dance Party last night.

It was fun, but I’m tired. So I’m going to glom off of some decent God-fearing pals of mine who were kind enough to share their list of New Year’s resolutions.

Again, apologies for the cliché, but I actually found some of these to be quite inspiring. Makes me want to get off my duff and make my plans include something bigger than just washing my face every night before bed. (Because who has time to do that, right?)

Here is a smattering of New Year’s resolutions, big and small, mama-style:

To hydrate my skin and put oil on after every shower (a must in west Texas) – Hannah, smooth-skinnedTexas mama.

Stop using facebook as a way to procrastinate. No really! Today is my last day. Oh and date nights at least every other week! – Christina, productive Marin County mommy.

Take the boys once a month to help the homeless: handing out water, bananas, apples. Or something to help the environment in some way…picking up litter in McLaren Park . – Jaretta, socially aware San Francisco mama.

My resolution is to “have more fun” and eat French fries more often. Oh, did I forget to say to get our boys out of college?? And lose 20 pounds while eating more French fries and meet qualifying times for the Master Swimming World Championships in Sweden. And, eat more French fries. – Jenny, Seattle fry-eating mom of big, big, big kids.

I’m resolution-less because I can’t live up to them. Not even the “easy”ones like “be on time for school.”— Michelle, tardy San Francisco mommy.

We are hiking 100 miles as a family in 2010. Attainable goal, and fun for mommy, too. – Karrie, webmaster and Small Town Soup columnist who shames us all at Mamazina.

And here’s my favorite so far, supplied by Mamazina managing editor, Kris. A series of sexy New Year’s challenges. Click and enjoy. Cause we all deserve to start the New Year off with a bang!


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