You Can Squeeze This Lemon

Is it weird for me to be a little bit in love with Jack Donaghy? Is it freaky to admit that he sort of gets me going in a freaky sort of way? After all, I think he’s my dad’s age.

And a fictional TV character.

And a Republican.

And I have this totally hot, awesome husband who is my own age. And a real person. And not a Republican.

But there’s something about the way that husky voice mutters to Liz Lemon, “If you were any other woman on earth, I would be turned on right now,” that makes me want to don a pair of geek glasses and a lady-mustache.

I’m not sure why this happens. Maybe I remember how darling Alec Baldwin was in one of my favorite high school John Hughes movies, She’s Having a Baby. The way he came to Kevin Bacon’s door, with snow fluttering about his tear-streaked cheeks. The way he uttered, “My dad died,” with such plaintive, raw misery that I understood why Elizabeth McGovern very nearly let him cop a feel later in the darkened kitchen. In fact I used to secretly wish that they had at least made it to second base. Maybe this current Baldwin incarnation evokes some youthful hormonal thing involving 80s movies and older men.

I dunno. And I don’t care.

And even though I also want to (in the words of my friend Erin) kiss James Franco, HARD, James came in a sloppy second when he guest starred on 30 Rock recently. I only had eyes for Alec, er Jack.

Oh, Mr. Donaghy, you can insult me anytime.


One thought on “You Can Squeeze This Lemon

  1. I saw him in an interview talking about his age and his size. He said he’s a man that women know they don’t have to take care of, and women are totally into that. He said the pretty boy actors are too fragile and dependent. He may be right.

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