Fun at the Protest

We’re all a little exhausted today because yesterday we took a long walk. A very, very long walk.

My husband and I walked with our kids from my daughter’s public school all the way to the San Francisco Civic Center to participate in my little ones’ first political rally. This is a rite-of-passage that all San Francisco children must undergo or else they will be cast out of the city at age 14, much like the young sons at the polygamous cult Juniper Creek.

This protest was unique, however, in that it transposed political party affiliation, socio-economic class, race, sexual affiliation, and particular stance on your standard protest hotspots (War in Iraq, global trade, gay marriage, Free Mumia, etc.)

The one thing the thousands of us who gathered had in common: Education.

In an incredible display of solidarity, students, teachers, and parents from K-12 public schools, community colleges, and 4-year public universities came together en masse to declare that it is time to find real solutions to California’s crisis in public education funding. We are the 8th largest economy in the world and 48th in per pupil spending. Enough said.

And is it weird to admit that I had fun at the protest? The kids were cute. We danced to the high school drummers. We watched the college student street theater puppet show. We chanted. We carried signs, hand-scribbled by the kids. We laughed. We saw tons of friends from all over the city. And then (wait, this is the best part for those of us under age 3) we got to ride the train home!


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