Reasons Why I’m Glad Today is the Last Day of First Grade

I’m feeling a little nostalgic about my big girl finishing up yet another day of elementary school and my little girl taking one step closer to the big bad world of preschool next fall. To combat my sentimentality I came up with:

Reasons Why I’m Happy Today is the Last Day of First Grade

  • More sleep! We have a school start time of 7:50 with a 15 minute drive from our house. Plus we arrive early to deal with urban parking issues.
  • No longer having to make treats, fruit bowls, and pigs-in-blankets for 22 first graders every month at classroom parties.
  • A break from schoolyard soap operas—and I’m talking about the parents, not the kids.
  • Getting ready for our family’s fun Summer Tour of Texas Grandparents – and an escape from San Francisco summer fog and chills.
  • “Taco Tuesdays” family-friendly happy hour at this nifty restaurant where Golden Gate Park hits the beach.
  • More free days to romp, hike, be lazy
  • I can let go of my vice-like grip on the remote and let the kids watch TV on “school days.”
  • Summer movie fun. (Although we’ll pass on the Shrek souvenir cups this year.)
  • My kid has had a great year and she deserves to celebrate and take it easy!

One thought on “Reasons Why I’m Glad Today is the Last Day of First Grade

  1. AH! Taco Tuesday at the BC! How could I forget??? We are moving to the Sunset in a few weeks…how awesome! Haha I guess I’m just thanking you for reminding me?

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