I am aware that I can be a sentimental fool…

I am aware of love. First of all. And most important.

I am aware of the tenuous yet sinuous band of fibers that connect us into units that we call family.

I am aware of the ache of miles, of time, of distance, of the curve of the planet that too often keeps us reaching for those we love.

I am aware of the parceling of time, sandwiched between generations as my little family makes our annual journey across the state of Texas to visit grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends.

I am aware of the miracle of flight that enables us to continue a vibrant thrilling relationship with these many points of divine light in my life.

I am aware of my annoying sentimentality as I settle back into my routines in the cold and fog of the west coast, far from my hot-blooded, hot-weathered relatives.


4 thoughts on “I am aware that I can be a sentimental fool…

  1. I am aware of the beauty of your words as they flow from your soul to the fall of the paper.

    I am aware of shroud San Francisco wears in the summer. The power of its weight on the souls of the city. A blanket that the weary need to move away from. Come south, the sun shines each day around 10AM. Still a cold summer.

  2. Cold and fog sound so lovely to me. And cold and fog with you guys? Lovelier still. Hopefully we’ll traverse the curve and come see you guys soon.

  3. My sweet sister! Your self, family, friends and loved ones are all closer than we may seem no matter where on the curves of the planet we may lie.

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