Now Zucchini, Now You Don’t

My little one was too sick to go play with her best bud, Shayla, today. Which means she felt pretty damn bad, since Shayla hung the moon and the stars and the sun and pretty much all of the planets.

Which meant I took big girl to school on my own while little girl stayed home with Daddy. And I got to go get my blood drawn on my own so the lady doctor can check out my old woman hormones. And then I got to saunter through the Castro all by myself (!) without kids, and end up gossiping back in front of the elementary school with the other mommies who were procrastinating getting on with their day.

But once I got back home I still had to entertain the preschooler. So I scanned one of my favorite cooking blogs, the Smitten Kitchen, until I found a recipe with ingredients I actually had on hand.

And we whipped up a batch of this yumtastic zucchini bread. Not nearly as tasty as yesterday’s donut fantasia. But it will do nicely, thank you.


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