Why Have Your Donut and Your Beer Separately?

I finally checked out Dynamo Donuts today and I sampled the Molasses-Guinness flavor. Yea, I said Guinness. Like the beer. Like a Homer Simpson dreamsicle it was.

And I know that just now tasting a Dynamo delicacy certainly puts me a good two years behind the hipsters-in-the-know curve, now that the place has been featured in everything from ReadyMade magazine (before it got sold to the people who think expensive Danish modern = cool DIY) to the Food Network.

I generally don’t have the time or the waistline or the budget to sit around eating $3 donuts. So it took me a while to make my way over to the far end of the Mission to a corner where simple graphic signs remind people of the rules. I imagined the glee of the graphic designer who was lucky enough to create this sign. And I imagined the chagrin of the adult person who needs to learn these rules. Especially the first one. About using the potty instead of the sidewalk.

But my husband is about to start teaching his spring semester of classes and my little girl is about to go back to preschool, so last night I made the following declaration:

“Tomorrow we are going out to lunch and then we are going to visit the Pirate Store and then we are going to eat donuts.”

It was worth the wait. Even if we had to obey the rules.


2 thoughts on “Why Have Your Donut and Your Beer Separately?

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