Showing Up

I signed up to do a blog post every day in 2011, a seriously scary prospect to a slacker such as myself.

But I needed a kick in the pants to jumpstart my creative practice, and this seemed like one of the least painful ways to do it. I finished National Novel Writing Month in November – 50,000 words in 30 days! But since then I’ve been dragging my heels and finding lots of excuses and distractions.

Truth is, I need to write. Even if it’s crap. Even if I never share it with anyone other than my hard drive. Even if you judge me for it. We’re all on this earth for such a short sweet time that we owe it to ourselves to be true to our calling, whatever it is.

My newfound determination to write every day reminds me of my resolve, a couple of years ago, to take better care of my body and exercise with regularity. I still find myself at the gym, judging someone in my head for using the machines wrong, for reading a book while she plods along at one mile per hour while hogging the treadmill.

But then I catch myself. “At least she’s here,” I remind myself. Because isn’t that what matters? The fact that someone is cognizant enough of his or her health to take the time to care for his or her well-being despite the level of workout productivity?

With creative output, like with physical activity, sometimes all that matters is the act of showing up.

Good or Bad art, music, writing….at least we’re here.

So go ahead and judge. I’m just glad to show up.


3 thoughts on “Showing Up

  1. I strive to blog once a week, once a month even, but it’s such a struggle. Instead I spend all my time reading other blogs and wishing I was more productive. I think if the internet didn’t exist I’d be a whole lot more productive.

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