A Little Urban Anthropology

I love, love, love hanging out with my good friend Mindy. (Not her real name but I waited until too late to ask for her permission and I know she’s busy putting her kids to bed now and I don’t want to bug her.)

But I digress. I love my friend Mindy because her favorite thing to do is to do new things.

Like today, for instance, we took a post-school-drop-off exercise hike around the City. While we were texting back and forth about where to meet she wrote, “Someplace new?”

Of course. And while we were walking she told me that her New Year’s resolution is to try something new every week.

“But don’t you do that already?” I said. Because it’s true. Mindy is the Queen of Doing New Stuff.

“Well, yes. But I want to do it even more. And we can do fun new things together,” she said.

Sounds good to me. I always need someone to bust me out of my safety zone since I’m often too shy or nervous or geeky to try that new ethnic food/exercise class/crafty workshop.

We talked about this as we hoofed around what was not exactly a new neighborhood for me, but not exactly my usual path. It was cool to wander down Market Street on a Monday morning, avoiding cursing shopping cart-wielding dudes and peeking in the windows of bars we had never been to before.

Being with Mindy is always like going on a little urban anthropological excursion. She’s never afraid to walk into a new shop, enroll in that weird dance class, or taste that spicy bite. I love her for that. And I appreciate when she includes me in one of her ventures into a tasty vegan Mexican food joint or exploring the halls of a Catholic university.

Our first order of Mindy’s New Year’s new activities = a Friday night date to check out the Dharma Punx. Can’t wait!


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