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Cinderella and Sojourner Truth and Susan B. Anthony Save the World

My Big Girl woke up this morning and said, “I feel like there is a brick on my heart.”

Translation: She is very sick. So she took the day off of school. She was very, very, very upset about this because today is the day that Big Girl was to officially choose a hero for a school project. She worried that someone else would snatch up suffragette Susan B. Anthony if she missed school today.

So I had both kids at home with me and the preschooler was well enough to bounce off the walls while I tried to cheer up the puny Big Girl. Tough stuff.

Over the morning, a lively pretend-play scenario evolved. I like to think it satisfied my Little One’s desire to worship all things icky princess and my Big Girl’s emerging interest in civil rights and women’s history.

Story summary:

The King has been locked in a dungeon. By Dick Cheney. Cinderella has to free him.

Then Cinderella uses her big strong muscles to lock Dick Cheney in a tower forever. This is after I have to persuade Cinderella that I don’t feel comfortable with her threatening to “kill” the bad guy. (Side note: I’m a little nervous that the combination of words on this post will put me on a No-Fly List – I’ll keep you posted how that one turns out.)

However, the bad guy in the tower will “have a potty and some water and some snacks and some toys and everything he needs,” courtesy of Cinderella, the hero-princess who follows the protocol of the Geneva Conventions.

Meanwhile, Big Girl pretends to be Sojourner Truth (I’m totally serious and this was entirely her idea) and I have been cast as Susan B. Anthony.

Yea, this is how San Francisco kids have pretend play.


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