These Kids Are Alright

I’m thinking of moving to Staten Island just so my kids can audition for the PS22 Chorus.

Me and the girls are currently obsessed with this amazing public school choir. We love their cover of Eye of the Tiger and my kids have been freaking out over the PS22 version of their favorite, Don’t Stop Believin. We watched them on YouTube all weekend and just this morning I saw their cover of MGMT’s Kids and the damn thing made me weep. (Seriously! Click on that link now and grab a hankie!)

I realize that I am continuing my sad trend of being a good two years in the rear of all things related to pop culture awareness (by the way, have you heard about those wacky Snuggies?) PS22 Chorus has been tweeted on (twat upon?) by Ashton Kutcher for a good two years now and they’ve already sang at the fracking Lincoln Center.

But just because my family is only now discovering this amazing phenomenon doesn’t make it any less awesome.

I think I love PS22 all the more because it contains the entire matrix of the Glee success story: Arts and music in schools. Scrappy diverse kids. Hipster 80s and indie music. Handsome teacher who seems to have a heart of gold.

In fact, if Glee didn’t already exist, I would swear that a TV version of the PS22 Chorus would definitely be in the works. Maybe it is anyway.

And they will be singing at the Oscars this year. Be still my heart.

I love showing PS22 Chorus to my kids because I consider them sort of role models. Especially for my Big One.

She’s still working through her own talents but she’s definitely an artsy, dreamy type, with an emerging interest in choir at both school and church. She has a super-awesome choir teacher, who is at press time arranging a gig for our elementary school chorus to sing at a Giants game. Not the Academy Awards, but not too shabby.


One thought on “These Kids Are Alright

  1. I love those kids and I’m so happy for their success! I can’t wait to see them on the Oscars! I remember when they became a hit- All the local news stations couldn’t get enough of them!
    I was in a choir in junior high. We didn’t have the success- I think the most attention we got was when we performed during a ceremony at the American Museum of Natural History, but I had a lot of fun.
    That would be such an amazing gig to sing at a Giants game! I have family in SF that are huge fans!

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