The End of the Continent

I love it when the weather in SF jumps up to 65 degrees and everyone rips off their clothes and runs through the dog-poop-covered parks showing our pasty-white skin.

Just the way I loved it when we lived in Arizona and the temperature would drop to 65 degrees and everyone would pull out their wool sweaters and ski caps and build a fire in the fireplace.

Today is one of those 65 degree-get-naked days. So I took a walk to the end of my street. This is where my street ends:

This is super cool except for the fact that Great White Sharks live about a mile from my front door. And that freaks me out because I saw the movie Jaws when I was way too young and it messed me up. So I try not to think about it. Instead I just focus on the benefits of living on a street that dead ends at the end of the continent. Also weird.


One thought on “The End of the Continent

  1. I miss 65 degree weather! Getting tired of this crappy winter.
    That is a GORGEOUS view! If my street ended like that, I’d walk there everyday!
    Hope your weekend is going well!

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