Don’t Hate. Educate.

I have decided that at least once a week until March 1 I will take a break from Glee videos and Star Wars rambles and poorly lit pictures of food I made with my kids and I will write about something serious and scary and real.

I’m going to talk about funding for public education in our country. In our state. In our city. I’m going to talk about what YOU can do if you give a crap about the future of California. Without boring you with too much detail, I will tell you that it stinks and it sucks and we have got to do everything we can to help guarantee that our future doesn’t fall into some sort of middle ages where our children think that the Founding Fathers freed the slaves and prisons are the new college.

Here is where you can start. Click on this link and go to Educate Our State (this is a non-partisan advocacy group) and add your name to the list as someone who supports K-12 public education. Do it now. Go ahead. I’ll wait.

I know, I know. You probably think, “My kid’s fine. If things get really bad we will:

1.       transfer to private school

2.      move to Marin County

3.      home school

4.      bully our principal into diverting all our resources into enrichment programs for well-t0-do families while we ignore the needs of poor kids

5.       fill in the blank with your escape hatch _____________

I know I also often fall into the trap of being “blind to the experiences of others. Privilege does that to people.” I just read that quote on a Texas feminist blog and I’m taking it out of context because it speaks to me about my own tendency to be narrow-minded and only think about my own kids’ needs.

But the issue of public education funding is bigger than my own little family. It is a social justice issue that cuts right to the core who I am and what kind of life I want to live.  Am I going to be another liberal hypocrite who thinks gay marriage is awesome and San Francisco has the best handmade lattes in the world until –oops, K-12 public education is in trouble – I pack it up and bail? I just can’t do that.

So I’m going to push and push for as much funding for public education as I can. Not just for my kid, for all our kids. And if you don’t have kids, it’s for you too. Because these little ones will be running the show some day when we are all retirees, and I only want the best, brightest, most educated people running our country.

Thanks for reading. Check back soon for a post on cupcakes or donuts or a funny sign I saw somewhere.


6 thoughts on “Don’t Hate. Educate.

  1. Ummm, pretty sure this was inadvertent, but just below your passionate (and right on, btw) post, is a Google ad for K-12, Inc. K-12 is a publicly traded, for-profit company started by Michael Milken. Their number one goal is to divert public money from schools into shareholders’ pockets in the name of “virtual” education. They are a leading force in privatizing education through the decimation of public neighborhood schools.

    I’m guessing that Google ads operate off of key words and the contradiction is by accident, not design.

    Thanks for standing up for public schools. This is exactly how we’ll save them!

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  3. Annie B. reposted. Thanks SOOO much for talking about this. We also hate to admit that maybe our kids aren’t getting the best public education. It’s a terrible thought to think we made a less than steller choice on their behalf. We need change! We need it now! Parents need to get mad and get loud! (Cupcake post? Hmmmm. I’ll have to stick around.) Thanks.

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