______ Your _____ Out

My family doesn’t exactly subscribe to the traditional Valentine’s Day hoopla with the candlelit dinners and rose petals in the bath and smoldering glances and whatnot. (Who does? Right?) But in my house we do love two things: candy and crafting.

So I gladly accept my husband’s annual tradition of presenting me with a little box of See’s Assorted Dark Chocolates. And the girls and I spent yesterday crafting our little “hearts” out (get it?) in honor of V-Day.

Here is the card I made my sweetie. Yea, I put a bird on it. So what?

I truly can’t escape. Even as I make fun of myself for doing it.

And here is the necklace that Big Girl made for me.

And here is a little joy for Valentine’s Day. Or any day.


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