Mmmm…Donuts. And Donut-Like Things.

Today I went to Delessio Market and Bakery as part of an unofficial tour of San Francisco donuts and donut-like fried, bready, buttery items that my friend Annie and I are embarking upon. (If you have any suggestions for our quest, please leave ’em in the comments.)

I tried the Rabanada. It’s Brazilian French toast—who knew?!

I wolfed it down in about three minutes. Then immediately felt ill and jittery from so much butter and sugar. I had to chug two glasses of water to try to balance it out and I’m still a little tweaked as I write.

But, oh, it was worth it. Even though it was called French toast, it more resembled a donut with its ratio of fried surface to cake-like interior. It was the kind of breakfast treat that requires one to have unsweetened coffee to balance the whole thing out. I would totally eat Rabanada again, only next time I will ingest a mere half  slice in attempt to stem the sugar seizure. Or else get a designated driver.

And perhaps I’ll save some room for the chocolate bubble wrap!



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