time to get ill. once more.

The Little Kid continues to cough like an emphysemic old longshoreman. So we continue our sick kid crafts with this latest exhibit for your consideration: a “chandelier.” Inspired by this darling little project I stumbled across on the Craftzine site. It also feeds my latest crafty obsession with paper, felt, and thread.

It’s a chandelier in name only. It produces no light, nor does it even hang from an actual light source. I tried to wrangle it onto the kitchen light dome but then got paranoid about the combination of paper, string, and tape causing a fire. I tend to be paranoid that way. So we ended up hanging it next to the light fixture, more like a mobile, really.

But fancy girl likes for it to be called a chandelier. So be it.

The whole thing was super easy and it took up a good three hours of our sick day. We simplified the Craftzine version.

Step one: Make a flower template (or use a fancy die-cut thing if you have access) and cut out about a million flowers from whatever you have lying around. We used file folders, craft paper, paint chips, felt, and old DogFest raffle tickets.

Step two: Give the flowers to your child to decorate as she likes. Our embellishment of choice today was stickers. She’s really into stickers right now so we used about a tree’s worth of stickers.

Step three: A grown up strings all the flowers together using embroidery floss.

Step four: Tie the strands to whatever sort of circular object you can get your hands on. We used a plastic bracelet.

Step five: Fumble with the floss and the bracelet until you get your chandelier to hang evenly. This may require the use of curse words.

Step six. Hang the fool thing up already. And enjoy your chandelier!


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