Little Texan

In honor of Texas Independence Day I sent my preschooler out in a Tony Romo shirt. Of course I could give a rip about football (sorry, y’all) and the only real reason she has it is because her nickname is Romo.

But I’m also always a Texas girl in my heart. And I like any excuse to ignore the crazy stuff and celebrate the awesome stuff from Texas. Stuff like:



Sitting on porches drinking cold beers on warm evenings

Molly Ivins (Raise more hell, y’all!)

Cowboy boots

Cheese enchiladas

Blue bell ice cream

What did I miss?


2 thoughts on “Little Texan

  1. family
    friendly folks
    sweet Texas twangs
    live music
    taco trucks
    warm water – at the lake and at the beach
    big ol’ live oak trees

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