Shenanigans and Tomfoolery

I know this is a terrible picture because I frantically took it from my phone while I was driving. I was also laughing so hard that I nearly ran over the fool skater kid who flew past me in a jackass-ed frenzy down Rivera Street.

The kid looks like he’s pointing a gun, but he’s not. He’s just careening down the street at a bazillion miles an hour–without a helmet the mom in me would like to add. And the other person in the image is creating his Tosh.O audition by hanging out the roof of the car and eagerly pointing an old school video camera at his pal’s impending injury.

I see this often in San Francisco: kids filming each other doing insane stunts, most certainly running home to upload onYouTube. And sometimes the players aren’t even kids but forty-year-old dudes. I see them skateboard down 17th Street and film each other crashing into poles and stuff. I know I shouldn’t laugh. But I do anyway.

It reminds me of growing up in West Texas and (don’t tell my mom) driving out on country roads while the boys would “surf” on top of my friend’s giant blue station wagon. I was too scared to try it myself, but I loved the thrill of knowing one of my new wave/skater friends was pulling a Teen Wolf on top of the car while we shrieked and listened to Nine Inch Nails from the backseat.

The only difference is that that Jackass had yet to be invented, and we didn’t have the internet upon which to post our shenanigans. But you can bet we would have done it.


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