Shayla, I Want A Friend

The title (above) has nothing to do with the lyrics, but my 3-year-old composed this song tonight at dinner. And she sang it with much soul and eye-closing and head-swaying.

I’ll admit that some of the content makes me feel a little guilty. Missing me at meetings? Cold pasta? This is what goes through my very musical Little Kid’s head when she’s serenading the Big Girl and me?

Anyway, here it is. Shayla, I Want A Friend:



I really wanna have a friend right now.

Mommy. I really love you.

Mommy. I really missed you when you were at the meeting.

And the cat scratched the sofa.

Mommy. I really missed you.

Mommy. My pasta was cold. And my soup was warm.

Warm and hot.

Warm and hot.

And a cat sang, “I have different hair than a dog.”

A different head.

A different head.

A different head.

I love you, Mommy.


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