she’s a brick (or paper) house.

Sick day here for Little Girl. And mama feels a little bit like hammered crap too. And you know what that means in our house. Time to make weird crafts!

Todays project: A totally kid-driven “paper house.” No kidding. After skimming through a couple of our favorite crafting blogs, Little Girl got totally inspired. This was her sweet idea. Her design. Her plan. Me? I was in charge of tape distribution.

First, Little Girl drew a bunch of “houses and moons and doors and keys and purses and smiles” and she cut them out.

Then feverish mommy helped to piece them together while Little Girl barked a few orders.

And finally we called in the heavy lifting crew to put on the roof. Dump in a few toy people and, voila! Paper house!

And before I forget, this is the photo that inspired the Paper House! Nabbed from the yummy Aesthetic Outburst blog. Love it!


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