favorite song. sorta.

I’m doing this 30 Day Song Challenge thingamjig where I answer a question about music each day. Then I will attempt to  get all witty and cool and talk about music and its impact on my life. Maybe. Or if I’m tired I’ll just post a link and move on.

Today’s question: What’s your favorite song?

That’s tough. My favorite song of right now? Or my favorite song of all time? Because I really have no idea. And it’s tough to start out this kind of challenge with no solid, jumping off place.

I guess if I had to pick today’s favorite song I would go with this one by the Avett Brothers. I’ve been going back to it again and again lately.

Yesterday’s favorite song is mostly likely something like this.

Sorry to take the lame way out on this one. I plan to do a solid with the other answers.

(What’s your favorite song?)


One thought on “favorite song. sorta.

  1. The “favorite song” category is ridiculous! Who has just one? Who has just ten?! And they hit you with it right out of the box. Nice choice(s), though!

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