a song that reminds me of somewhere.

My folks own a lake house outside of Austin. Every summer my little family leaves the fog and cold of San Francisco and pounces on this free vacation home for as long as work and life allow us to pretend like we are members of the leisure class who drink pina colodas at the country club and frolic on the lake.

We see tons of family. We sleep late, waterski, drink beer, cook on the grill, run through the sprinklers, eat popsicles, make ice cream, have whole-family sleepovers when friends from Austin come out to play, and gather enough energy to return to back to real life.

We listen to tons of music. The cheesy Sirius 80s station at the pool. My dad’s old school country. And whatever new stuff my cool sister and brother-in-law bring around. A few summers ago they turned me on to Vampire Weekend and it was love at first bite.

We blasted it every day from the sandbar where we parked the boat to jump in the lake. We turned it up as we drove into Austin to eat at Chuy’s or Home Slice. We played it loud on the back patio at night while the kids romped in their swimsuits until 9pm and the adults opened that second (or third) bottle of wine.  Every time I hear Vampire Weekend I smile and feel my blood pressure plummet, just the same way it does each time I walk in the front door of the lake house.

This song reminds me of the lake and summer and good times.


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