my vote is for the james spaders

We have the best neighbors in the world.

They are giving us a free piano. A family heirloom. And they say we will be doing them a favor to take it off their hands!

Can't you see the DooDoo-TuTus totally rocking out on this?

As if that’s not enough, I made a deal with my Big Girl that if she keeps practicing her guitar this fall then she can take advantage of their other offer: a hand-me-down hot pink electric guitar. In my house, this is the equivalent of getting a pony. A dream come true for my child, who has planned her rock star career ever since seeing Jack Black on Yo Gabba Gabba at the ripe old age of three.

So naturally, since none of us can really play an instrument (yet) and since we get off more on the conceptual (rather than actual details and hard work) in my house, we got right to work planning the most important part of our impending family band: The Name.

Here are the finalists for our band name. Skills and practice be damned. Next we’ll design the t-shirts. Then maybe we’ll get around to making actual music. Try to guess which members of our household came up with which names:

The Golden Cookstons

The Surly Risers

Cookston Rockers

Mommy Is So Crazy


The James Spaders


Money Man

Old Spiller

Bourbon with Silly Staws

The Tupperware with Nothing in it Except a Butterfly

Led Zepplin


One thought on “my vote is for the james spaders

  1. LOL! I love DoDo-TuTu.

    Maybe Grace and Ella can be in a band together, since Ella’s dream is to be a “Rock Star” and she has illustrated some singing capabilities. We’ve already determined that if she were in a band, we’d have to call it “Nobody’s Princess”…this as a result of someone saying to her something along the lines of “which Princess would you be” and her response being “I’m nobody’s princess.” I think that’s was when she was 3!

    BTW…Evan’s starting guitar lessons next week, so you just have to add in Rosemary with an instrument and we’ve got a full band! Maybe the Gribbston Rockers or the Cookbben Rollers.

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