before you get too sentimental, see #9

Today and all days I give thanks for:

  1. Safe drinking water.
  2. Polio vaccines.
  3. Dental care for little mouths.
  4. The smell of my daughters’ hair after they run in the sun all day.
  5. Lyrics that make me cry.
  6. Music that makes me dance.
  7. Poorly executed jokes told by four-year olds: What did the lettuce say to the other lettuce? Get off my head you booty-head.
  8. A kind, loving spouse.
  9. Birth control.
  10. Innocence.
  11. Joy.
  12. Brand new fancy sparkly shoes.
  13. Brand new pierced ears.
  14. Cheap drinks in plastic cups with old friends.
  15. A morning run in the Texas hill country.
  16. Spotting a real live deer in the yard when we go to Texas.
  17. Pumpkins we grew in our own garden.
  18. Children who go to sleep each night feeling safe and warm and loved.
  19. Prayer for those who live in fear and pain.
  20. My own capacity to realize my many blessings.

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