um…i think you’ve been hacked

This cartoon has no relationship to the list below except that I like it and I needed a good visual.

Moving on. Lessons I learned from getting my email hacked so that it sent a strange link to everyone I know….except my Nana because she doesn’t have email yet.

  1. It’s embarrassing. Not like accidentally mooning your entire summer camp at age 12 embarrassing, but embarrassing enough.
  2. I didn’t do it on purpose. Ok, I may have used the same email password (involving the name of a long-deceased cat. Don’t panic. It’s ok. I changed it.) for about the past ten years but otherwise the whole thing was an accident.
  3. I have a lot of bad emails in my address book – like 100 bounces. This made me take a moment, once I stopped yelling the f-word at my screen, to think about the fragility of friendships, how people come and go from our lives, the impermanence of it all. Even with the ever-tangled web of social media, I have lost touch with so many old friends, co-workers, even family members.
  4. I have a lot of nice friends who wrote back to make sure I knew about the hack. What a ray of light! This made me take an opposite moment, once I stopped yelling the f-word at my screen, to appreciate loyalty and permanence. What a gift to stop and appreciate the incredible rainbow of beautiful people in my life, spanning the years from childhood to the present. Many people checked in with me, just to make sure that I knew I had been hacked. Some people used it as an excuse to say “Hey how’s it going? Good to hear from you even if you didn’t mean it.” And it made me smile to see that person’s name pop up in my inbox after so many months or years.
  5. The link that got spammed wasn’t nasty. Maybe this is a bad thing. Maybe I could have given someone a cheap thrill.
  6. It made me decide to kick-start this silly blog again. Because (back to the above cartoon) I’m a mom and I don’t get out much.

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