om shanti, y’all

I do the yoga. And, yes, it is trendy to do the yoga.


It was trendy in 1975. It was trendy in 2002. And it is still trendy. So maybe I’m not original. Or maybe there is reason this yoga thing may catch on. A lot of people practice yoga because it’s a good thing. It makes people feel good. Act good. Be good.

I’ve worked my asanas on and off for about 12 years. Lately it has been back on. Big time. I recently participated in a 21-Day yoga challenge where I practiced every day for three weeks. It was awesome and inspiring and hard as hell. And when it ended I found that I wanted more. Craved it actually. So I’m keeping it up.

And here are a few reasons that I keep it up, besides that fact that I’m trendy:

Yoga works my shit out. It helps me get through aches and pains. Both physical and emotional. Nothing like a good downward dog or tree pose to undo that kink from sleeping all funky the night before. And nothing like a good deep-breathing savasana session to undo that guilt I feel for yelling at my child over something needless and trivial.

It brings joy, peace, and serenity to sit still and breathe. Who doesn’t want those things? And when do we sit still these days unless we are staring at a screen?

Yoga helps me look at the world from a fresh point of view. Nothing sets my day off better than peeking at the trees behind my house while doing a headstand on the back deck.

Yoga makes my body strong. Better than lifting weights at the gym. Better than running. Better than any sort of physical activity. And a strong body means health. Endurance. Stamina. Flexibility. Even cardio endurance. I can move a heavy piece of furniture, lift my 4 year old into the air with ease, or run up several flights of stairs without panting. And nothing makes me feel like I could win a bar fight more than holding a bakasana for five full breaths.

Which leads to, um, other good sorts of stamina and flexibility. If you know what I mean.

Yoga makes me love myself. It offers time to be alone and at peace with my own thoughts and feelings, to accept myself, in all of my flawed and messy glory. This makes me more loving and open to the gifts of others in my life. It makes me more kind, warm, and patient. It makes me a better wife, mother, friend, daughter, sister, co-worker. A kinder, warmer stranger to those people I encounter every day but don’t yet know.

I recently read about the significance of doing 108 Sun Salutations on significant days. I can’t wait to try this. Maybe I am trendy, but if it brings me strength, joy, and serenity, bring it on the trendy.


One thought on “om shanti, y’all

  1. Me too! I heart yoga. Funny that I have been practicing it seriously for 12 years as well. It keeps me sane and happy and flexible. I love being pregnant and practicing too… the only time I missed being pregnant after Ray was born was during yoga classes. I love the awareness it adds to my practice, knowing I have to modify to keep the little one safe, and also realized doing yoga doesn’t mean that you have to have a super intense practice all the time!

    BTW, I am glad you are blogging again! Keep it up…

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