home. work.

Me. Working hard in the old home office.

I work from home. Most of the time I like it. But sometimes I get bored or distracted. And then I start makings lists…

Cons of working from home:

I get where I crave intellectual or creative companionship. And I mean a real, live human person. Not my cat. Not emails or facebook or twitter or whatever.

I feel like I’m always at work. Because my office is where I live, I have to make a deliberate effort to say good-bye and walk away.

An easily distracted person, such as myself, can get waylaid without anyone hovering over my shoulder reminding me to….wait…oh my gosh you have got to see this video. It’s hilarious!

Before my work at home days, I used to go out to lunch with friends all the time. Now, most days I eat chips and salsa for lunch while sipping cold coffee hunched over the computer. In fact, I’m eating that right now as I write this. How very post-modern of me.

Pros of working from home:

I can work with no make-up, my hair in an itchy, disgusting bun, with no bra, in a filthy tank top and baggie pajama pants with a rip in the side and no one knows. (Until now, that is.)

Yoga breaks. Breaks to go to the gym and come back home and work some more. Breaks to take a walk. Or take a shower. Or run errands. Or talk to my sister on the phone without being that annoying person in the office on a personal call. Breaks to write silly blog posts.

I pick up my kids from school instead of paying big bucks for extra childcare. And I like seeing my kids. They are cute and funny and a welcome breath of fresh air in my day.

I can play my music as loud as I want without bugging those around me. Unless those around me are my kids who yell at me to turn down the Kanye so they can better hear the screech of Phineas and Ferb—which I have turned on so they will quit bugging me and I can finish doing my work. It’s a cyclical thing.

A final pro of working from home: have you ever heard of a thing called a nooner?


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