this is old. don’t laugh.

Oh wait. It’s a cartoon. I guess you are supposed to laugh.

See, my little kid started the Big K a few days ago and, at the risk of totally jinxing it, I will say that things are going quite well. All of this transition into big kid school made me remember a cartoon I did for this (now defunct) literary magazine I used to edit. So I dragged a copy of the cartoon from the bowels of my files and gave it a good long stare.

It’s completely dorky, I know. But I feel sorta sweet and sentimental looking at it…because it represents a time that has passed. No more juggling babies while I try to type with one hand. No more preschoolers painting under the table while I bang out a deadline.

Yes, it’s a dorky cartoon. I’m no artist. I’m no cartoonist. But I am a sentimental slob. So here you go:


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