4 reasons why i’m obsessed with gangnam style

In keeping with my habit of always being a good six months behind the curve on cultural references, I’m just now discovering Gangnam Style (131,731,546 views at press time) but I don’t care. I can comfortably say that I’m obsessed.


1. The scene at minute 1:08 where the guy is dancing under an overpass in front of an explosion and the dude in the white goes flying in the air. It makes whatever beverage I’m drinking come out of my nose every time.

2. I like that even though the protagonist is cruising by all badass on a speedboat he is wearing a lifejacket. I appreciate that he is modeling safety for the children. (Minute 1:33)

3. As a friend of mine recently tweeted, no one should wear hammer shorts.

4. I know it’s full of all sorts of Korean insider jokes and I like that. Why do Americans think we need to corner the market on parody all the time?