Why I March

Me, to my kid: Why do you want to go to the Women’s March?

9yo daughter: Because I want to stand up for our rights. Why do you want to go to the march, Mom?




I march because…

I was raised on images of 1980s Whoopi Goldberg and Gloria Steinem pro-choice rallies

My mom took me to sex-ed classes sponsored by our local Planned Parenthood

I respect and honor women who came before to me to fight for my reproductive and personal freedoms

I will work so that those freedoms are not ripped away from the next generation

I march because…

I still weep as I recall the look on my younger daughter’s face when I told her that Hillary Rodham Clinton “lost” the election

My older daughter co-founded the Feministas club at her middle school and she deserves to see grown-ups act half as brave as young teen girls and boys

My young white son deserves to see strong women taking action so that someday he will grow into a good man

I march because…

I have experienced catcalling, sexual harassment, and mansplaining more times than I can count

I have experienced sexual assault

“Grab her by the pussy,” is not acceptable – not in a locker room, not anywhere

The daughters of this earth are real and complicated humans, deserving of every freedom, choice, and love

I march because…

I feel a moral obligation as a straight woman of privilege to stand up for all my sisters

There is so much more I need to learn about how to be an ally and activist for my friends who have had life experiences that are different from mine

Black Lives Matter

Everyone deserves to marry the person they love

It is my right as a citizen of this country to peacefully assemble and goddammit I’m gonna do it

I march because…


So much is at stake

We all have so much work to do

Love is stronger than hate


One thought on “Why I March

  1. Hear, hear, Foggy sister! Of course, I am reading your post halfway around the world at my desk in Bangkok at the moment, at the start of my work day and weeping. Beautifully articulated, as expected, and so much of what has been floating around in my head for months but I have not had the time to collect in one place. Please tell that eldest daughter of yours that her preschool teacher is immensely proud of her Feminista activism, and give her sister a huge high 5 from me (who she probably doesn’t remember ever knowing!) Virtual-marching on Saturday, if I must, if the flashmob I’ve heard is being organized here doesn’t happen. The fight is on!

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