Not Today.

Today is January 27, 2017

Today is Holocaust Remembrance Day. Today our president ordered that we won’t help refugees.

The Muslim ban is happening. I think of my Iraqi-American friend who said that G. W. Bush would have shaken his hand. My friend then said that Trump would literally feed him to the dogs. My friend’s little girl goes to my son’s preschool.

I think of another little boy at my son’s school. He plays tag and jumps off the structures and cooks pretend food and laughs at the teacher’s funny voices. His mom wears a traditional Muslim headscarf.

I think of my friend whose Muslim family fled Iran with a few suitcases when she was a young girl. They lived in France in exile, leaving their house, their possessions, and their extended family. Finally they came to the United States. And we let them in.

Yesterday, at work, we had to learn about what to do when ICE comes to our door. We were having some casual conversations about the possibility. We knew we needed to make a plan. Then the rumors happened. Panic went through the building and we were given instructions. We didn’t know it would happen so fast.

Yesterday I learned that we don’t have to let ICE in our office without a warrant. I learned that they can’t come into school sites unless it is a very extreme situation. There is a preschool in my building.

Yesterday I texted my friend who works for the EPA.

Are you ok?

No. We are very scared. We are being censored. I have never experienced anything like this.

Today the anti-choice evangelicals marched on D.C. They exercised their constitutional right of free speech and assembly and I am thankful they have that right to protest for their beliefs.

Today I think of the rich men who have good health insurance who voted for other rich men who would rather see a poor, uninsured young woman die from pregnancy complications than terminate.

Tomorrow I will write about something cute that a little kid said or share a pithy rumination on parenthood or post pictures of cats falling down stairs.

But not today.


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