7 Days of YES: Day One

Vomit, art, donuts, and beers.

I have embarked on a “7 Days of YES” challenge to help me keep my joy and sanity while my spouse travels for work. Here are some things that happened on the first day…

We took Daddy to the airport.

I said YES to the preschooler’s request to take a sippy cup of pineapple juice in the car on the way. What the heck. I’m free and easy.

As we round the corner to our house, my preschooler succumbs to carsickness and barfs the pineapple juice (plus his morning eggs) all over his brand-new big boy carseat and his special baby doll and himself.

I say YES to the washing machine, a quick wipedown, some fresh clothes, and lots of Clorox wipes. The kid is fine and later on I say YES to a bowl of mango sorbet after lunch, with great trepidation. A sigh of relief at no barfs.



First surprise of my experiment: it is much easier to say YES to the little one, whose needs are simple and easily satisfied. The requests of the 9-year-old require more finesse.

Her: “Can we build a pretend candy store in the living room but with real candy? And can we go right now to your office to get old cardboard to build the pretend candy store?”

Me: “YES. But…I’m in my bathrobe right now and I just drank two beers.”

I drank two beers because I had a day of YES and I goddamn needed them.

After the vomit clean up, I had to drop off the preschooler for a playdate so the 9-year-old and I could attend an art camp gallery exhibit for the teenager without the preschooler going Godzilla on the sculpture installations.

We ended up hosting the playdate family for dinner, so I got to exercise my YES skills while trying to stop my kid from wrestling his little buddy into a pulp. He kicked his friend in the face, causing a nosebleed.

I may have said some NOs at this point. This is also when I drank the beers.

It’s very embarrassing when your son kicks his friend in the face. Thank God my friend Karen has a lot of kids and one of the kindest, most gracious hearts you could ever imagine. Even so, I had to fight the gremlins of judgment of my neck. Their claws are deep and they may have had one of the beers.

Today’s tally


Vomits: 1

Chinese takeout noodles: 2 servings

Donuts (for me): 1

Beers: 2

YESes: A whole bunch.

NOs: More for the middle child than the youngest. Surprise.

Easiest YES of the day: The teen asks, “Can we do laundry tomorrow because I sat in something weird in my new shorts?”

Image result for image YES


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