7 Days of YES: Rules and Tools

My husband went to China for work today.

He will be gone for a week. I’ve been super nervous about how to handle my own work and the multiple needs of my 10,000 (or 3) children without the second set of adult hands that my spoiled ass has grown used to.

I have especially struggled with my little preschool son’s behavior as of late. He is full of energy and has little impulse control. He scares the shit out of me by running away in public. The other day I actually grabbed him (accidentally) by THE HAIR as he ran around a corner into an active parking lot. He cried. I cried. It was awful.

I also have a pre-pubescent 9 year old with lots of big feelings and an artsy-fartsy teenager and all her assorted baggage.

So I decided, with my spouse’s travel, to practice a week of YES.


I want harmony. I want peace. I want to stop the 9 year old and the 3 year old from screeching at each other all day. I want to have fun with my kids instead of being a cranky, negative grown-up.

So I’m going to try my best to say “yes” more often than “no” in my day. This will mean many hours of sugar and screen-time, but fuck it. It’s summer and life is short.

Let’s do this.

I’ve got rules and tools.

I’ve got some things that will help me out. I hope.

  • I went to happy hour with my co-worker, Roisheen (whose son also went through the grab-by-the-hair stage), and she reminded me to say, “I love you,” to my kids even when I’m shaking with anger and I’ve just accidentally grabbed the little one by the hair
  • I got my new Jack Kornfield book and I’m gonna read the heck out of it
  • Less Twitter (cause the Trump Rage is real)
  • More Instagram (cause social media can be puppy-licious and kid-tastic and ice-cream joyful)
  • I don’t have PMS right now and that’s definitely in my favor for more YES-time
  • When I hear that little gremlin of judgment on my shoulder I’m going to ignore her. Maybe

I plan to record my progress and speak my truth, even if it’s ugly and embarrassing.

Cheers to a week of YES!

Image result for image cheers











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