7 Days of YES: Day 2

The first word out of my mouth today was NO.

The preschooler woke me up at 6am by jumping on my bed and kicking me in the head. I could not believe that he wasn’t exhausted from staying up late the night before kicking somone else in the head.

Today was Day 2 in my “7 Days of YES” challenge and, despite my foot-face awakening, I logged a solid sleep-deprived number of YESes. Read on for some highlights.

By 8am the preschooler had his first meltdown due to the fact I said YES to getting out the Playdoh but NO to helping him. I needed coffee and to eat my eggs. Plus more coffee. Because I said YES to getting up with him at 6am.

I gave a non-verbal YES to the big kids and let them sleep all morning. By the time my teen was awake I gave myself a YES to making her babysit so I could take a run to the beach for exercise, a breath of fresh fog, and some treasure-collecting.

When I got back the preschooler actually said, “Thanks for letting me watch TV, mom.” Oh dang, he’s good.

giphy (1)

Things I said YES to today.

  • Can I play games on the black tablet?
  • Can we make pie?*
  • Will you take me to buy new knee pads?
  • Can I eat mac and cheese instead of the leftover Chinese food?
  • Can we buy pudding cups and mini bags of chips?
  • Can I stay home all day and look at my phone?**

*She perhaps should have worded this as, “Can you make pie while I watch the Batman Lego movie?”

**This request was never truly articulated out loud but we had a whole mom-daughter unspoken thing going on.

Things I said NO to today.

Image result for image nope

  • Kicking people
  • Climbing on a stool that was put on top of a chair to reach the top lock on the back door
  • Putting sister’s toy in the trash
  • Trying to throw the the lid to the cooler off the deck into Stern Grove
  • Grabbing strange dogs in the park without talking to the owner first
  • A final 8th hour of television

Today’s lesson.

Although I met my goal of decreasing conflict and increasing peace and harmony, I learned that saying nothing but YES to my kids is super freaking boring. I enjoyed the peace and the pie, but dear Lord it was dull to spend the day accomodating their TV and sugar requests. Tomorrow we need to have some creative-use YES time.

Today’s numbers.

YESes: I don’t know, I didn’t keep count, but we definitely kept the ratio positive

NOs: At least 10

Beach treasures collected: 4

Podcasts I listened to while they watched TV: 2

Strawberry pies baked: 1

Hours the teen left the house: 0


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