7 Days of YES: Day 3

Today was all that is YESSS about SF.

Today was a good day. Where do I start?

Ok I’ll start here. I’m still plugging along at my 7 Days of YES project with a super duper San Francisco YES sorta day.

giphy (2).gifThe day began with a big ol’ YES to my teen kid because her brave and delightful friend (who has come out! Word!) invited her to go to the Pride parade. And when that shit happens, you move heaven and earth for your sweet girl to go to that dang parade and support her friend.

We had quite a few other early YES moments to get our day started off right.

  • Pride parade. (See above).
  • Eating a yellow lollipop before 9am.
  • Pie for breakfast.
  • A swim playdate for the 9yo. Nice!

And a few No moments. (Only the preschooler tbh.)

  • Putting one foot in the bathroom sink and one foot on the toilet while you turn on the sink tap to wash your foot but you are really doing the splits.
  • Throwing rocks down the slide at the playground.
  • Throwing rocks off the climbing structure at the playground.
  • Throwing rocks on mom’s head off the climbing structure at the playground.

But today’s biggest YES was all about ME.

And I don’t care who knows it.

After the teen got home from the awesome Pride parade I paid her handsomely to watch her little brother so that I could go to Stern Grove Festival with my friends and watch KOOL AND THE GANG.

It was so much fun. So inspiring, nostalgic, and joyful. The audience was radiant and beautiful and diverse, full of old timey San Francisco funky energy. We all jumped in time to “Jungle Boogie,” “Ladies’ Night,” and my personal favorite, “Get Down On It.” I sweated out so much NO energy that by the time I saw all my 10,000 (or 3) kids again I was ready to be patient and kind and full of YES love.

Today’s tally.

YESes: 10,000

Nos: 12ish?

Pride parades: 1

Kool & the Gang concerts: 1

Times I Got Down On It: 6.5

Trump Twitter Trolls who said something nasty to me: 1 (Look, I’m famous now!)

Rocks thrown by preschoolers: 6

Image result for image kool and the gang get down on it



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