7 Days of YES: Days 4 & 5

Day 4 was, as they say, a bust.

It was such an off-kilter day that I didn’t even get a chance to update things around here with the 7 Days of YES Challenge before I fell asleep with the kids.

I made a rookie mistake the night before and took some prescription meds on an empty stomach before bed. Ouch! Up all night with stomach pains and nausea.

giphy (4)

The next morning did not go well. I had said YES to the 9-year-old sleeping in bed with me every night. Then YES to the preschooler crawling in with us at 3:00am. The stomach pains plus the crowd-sourced bedsharing, plus YES to lots of wine at Stern Grove the day before made for a NO sort of morning.

I hurtled through the day on autopilot, exhausted. One of those kinds of days where you do the bare essentials to keep the house from falling apart then put the entire crew to bed by 9:00pm.

Redeeming YES moments from Day 4.

I took the preschooler for a sweet walk on the beach. We saw crabs, threw sticks into the ocean, collected treasures, and talked about jellyfish.

The teen girl likes her rowing camp.

The 9-year-old likes her skateboard camp.

I got 9.5 hours of sleep that night. Ahhhhhhh…

Day 5 was much better.

I left the house at 8:15am and didn’t get to work until 9:45am, after dropping off my 10,000 (or 3) kids at their various destinations. I said YES to letting everyone sleep later and I said YES to giving the teen a ride to rowing camp.

After work I said YES to Trader Joe’s Mac & Cheese Balls for dinner, Mochi ice cream thingies for dessert, and 1,300 episodes of Bob’s Burgers.

I said YES to the 9-year-old painting her skateboard helmet with nailpolish because it has embarrassing Barbie logos on it. Then I said YES to making her take the whole project out to to the deck because we were all getting high on the fumes.

I said YES to the preschooler eating dinner on the floor in front of the TV.

Today’s numbers.

YESes: Quite a few, within reason.

NOs: Not too many.

Cuts on the face for the preschooler that were dangerously close to his eye: 1

Number of stitches needed for the cut: 0

giphy (3)





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