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Robin Dutton-Cookston

Living the dream and falling down the stairs.


8 thoughts on “About Me and Stuff

  1. hello — i am editor and writer for the zine rad dad and well i’m just looking to pass on more info abut it and to see if you wanna trade zines…i’ve included the call out for the next issue if you know anyone who might be interested or if you ourself have something to contribute that would be awesome…


    This is Tomas from rad dad and I sending out this call for submissions
    for the next issue of rad dad due our in mid September. The
    submissions can be anything that deals with fathering from a feminist,
    anti-authoritarian, radical bent. There’s been lots of good talk on
    this list about anti racist parenting – if someone wants to write up
    something on it that would be awesome.

    Also questions that have come up in recent conversations about the
    zine are: how to parent through a break up or some other transitional
    relationship period; how to talk politics with your kids; gender and

    As you can see the topic can easily fit the context of individual
    writers (drawers, photographers…)

    Let me know if you’re thinking about it, so I can get a sense of space
    for the next issue. Also this issue is going to be the biggest yet
    — in fact 1984 Printing, a woman owned, environmentally friendly
    print shop is gonna print this issue. This means though that I need
    to get submissions by mid august – yikes – get writing!!!

    I could also use some help with distro-ing the zine – if people know
    of shops tat might carry it in your hood let me know

    Hope everyone’s well…


  2. So happy to find another cool SF parenting zine… I guess I’m the opposite of you, a transplanted SF mom now living in New England, and missing the Bay Area terribly at times!

    I blog about offbeat and unusual movies for kid/family viewing. I really don’t do the whole networking thing very well, as my real job and family (and blog!) take up so much time, I’m not online as much as I should be. Hope you don’t mind if I leave my info here. I’ll read you regularly… just seeing the words “Noe Valley” makes me wisful! (We lived smack in between NV and the Castro for many years.)

    Thanks, and hope you visit me!

    KeegsMom at KIDSFLIX

  3. I’m a Southern California gal, living in South Orange County. Found your blog on blogsurfer and I’ll be poppin by to see what’s going on in the Northern CA area. We’re up there occasionally to visit family. Maybe one of these days we can have a “blogger- meet-up” Those are big down here!
    Feel free to visit my blog(s) and hopefully, we’ll create a little community between N. Cal & Southern Cal!

  4. Hi Robin-
    I came across your name as I was reading about your grandmother. “Thorpe” is one of my all-time favorite books, and until recently very little information or reviews were available online. I was very sorry to learn that Mrs. Dutton had passed away, and that she had not written more books. I would have loved for “Thorpe” to have been picked up by Oprah, maybe it would have gotten the attention it so rightly deserved!

  5. Hi, my name is Angelle and I’m a student here in SF and was hoping to ask you a few questions about your blog. Is there a way I can contact you?

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