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Fuzzy Headed

About a year ago we lost a dear friend. He was a dad and he died suddenly and too young. The shock rippled through our social network. I won’t share the whole story… Continue reading

Only in SF Parenting: Part 3 for Kid #3

A couple of years ago I got on a kick of writing about “Only in San Francisco” parenting moments. Here is the latest version. Your kid’s middle school has a fundraiser at Moby… Continue reading

Trying So Hard To Do Non-Workish Writing and I End Up Getting Emotional Over Napkins

Six years ago I started this blog as a cathartic reaction to feeling overwhelmed and frightened by the byzantine San Francisco public school lottery process. Writing about the process gave me and outlet… Continue reading

i am a public school parent and i won’t back down (sorry maggie!)

Last night I went to a media screening of the new film Won’t Back Down, starring Maggie Gyllenhaal and Viola Davis with Holly Hunter. I’ll get right to the point, y’all. Here are… Continue reading

this is old. don’t laugh.

Oh wait. It’s a cartoon. I guess you are supposed to laugh. See, my little kid started the Big K a few days ago and, at the risk of totally jinxing it, I… Continue reading

in a weird way this sort of made my day

The other day I was head sucker, I mean counselor, on duty at Mom Camp. We were at the California Academy of Sciences, fooling around, waiting to go up on the neato living roof… Continue reading

shorties at burning man: don’t be a playa hater

Note from, well, me: This guest blog post was written by some good friends of mine who are seasoned Burners (see #5 here for clarification). They wish to remain anonymous, thereby sidestepping the… Continue reading

where’s my marina hoodie? and other things i’ve learned about san francisco

My friend Kendra, who is also from West Texas, wrote this funny thing about what she’s learned in 14 years of living in L.A. I now attempt to counter her wit with 9… Continue reading

mom camp redux

Every summer I write an article about the economical and emotional joys of Mom Camp. Mom Camp (with a smattering of Dad Camp) is what my family does when school lets out for… Continue reading

goin’ back to cali.

California public education that is. I haven’t railed on this subject in a while, but the time has come once more for the good people of California who give a hoot about our… Continue reading