Doing the Blog and Gazing Into the Abyss

Sometimes people say to me, “Do you still Do the Blog?” This makes me feel happy and sad at the same time. Happy because it is so sweet of them to remember and… Continue reading

Gettin’ Busy: Suggestions for an Updated Busy, Busy, Busy Town

I love Richard Scarry’s Busy, Busy Town, a classic children’s book (which inspired a cute TV show) where everyone is on their way to work. It has images of cats and pigs and… Continue reading

Disrupt This Tech: 13 Apps for SF Parents That May or May Not Exist (With a Last-Minute SF Giants Addition!)

Some of these apps might actually be out there, or at least in beta. I haven’t had time to do the research because I’m too busy teaching my toddler how to identify the… Continue reading

for lovers of books and/or babies

My 12 month old baby got kicked out of the Marble Falls, Texas Public Library last week. We go to this library when we are on vacation, visiting family in Texas, and my… Continue reading

Only in SF Parenting: Part 3 for Kid #3

A couple of years ago I got on a kick of writing about “Only in San Francisco” parenting moments. Here is the latest version. Your kid’s middle school has a fundraiser at Moby… Continue reading

Trying So Hard To Do Non-Workish Writing and I End Up Getting Emotional Over Napkins

Six years ago I started this blog as a cathartic reaction to feeling overwhelmed and frightened by the byzantine San Francisco public school lottery process. Writing about the process gave me and outlet… Continue reading

shredded wheat hair: 11 things i thought were gone for good

One year ago I got the biggest (and best) bombshell of my life with a surprise pregnancy. You know that old saying about trying to make plans and God having a good long… Continue reading

my tiny yogini

Two times a week (and sometimes three if I’m lucky) I truck myself and my cute little baby out to a mommy-baby yoga class. The trip is a refresher on the challenges of… Continue reading

Hello, Sunshine!

A year ago I thought that I had things figured out. Not the Big Picture kind of figured out. Not that I had mastered the meaning of life, the universe, and my purpose.… Continue reading

how to talk to a pregnant woman: a refresher for douchebags

Lists like this have been shared a thousand times by a thousand women. But for the love of Ganesh, no one seems to be listening! My poor husband gets an annoying lecture from… Continue reading